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Chapter 1 TD

Chapter 1 TD - meat everyday and I do not walk that much...

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Through Chapter 1, I knew more about the hugh population really would affect the environment, such as many different kinds of pollutions, and the sustainability with the population growth. I think the formula of Natural Capital is quite interesting, which is natural capital equal to natural resources (water, land, air, etc) plus natural service (air purification, water purification, etc). It makes me understand how we use the resources. I think the land, food and population are really affecting a person’s footprint. That’s why the United States’ average footprint is so big, because they got plenty of land than others, and their food supply is rich too. Base on the size of my apartment, I eat
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Unformatted text preview: meat everyday, and I do not walk that much, those factors contribute to my footprint. So I think if I live in a smaller place and walk instead of driving a car, then my footprint would reduce right the way. This is my first time to do such quiz to calculate my footprint, and it is so funny to me. After the quiz I know I should change my life style, maybe save up more resources instead of using that much. I was driving to school everyday and did not willing to walk for just a while, I went everywhere with my car, but now I think I should try to walk more, because it is not only can save up resources, but also prevent the air pollution in our society....
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