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Chapter 1 TD2 - sick when I go on the street. So I think...

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I just went to Macau for a two days trip, I notice that Macau is just a one-third size of Hong Kong, and the population is just around 500,000 people. Compare to Hong Kong, there is 7,000,000 of population, but the problem of air pollution is more serious than Hong Kong. When I went on the street, there were so many dusts all over the sky, and I could not even take a deep breath because those made me really feeling sick. Although Hong Kong has serious air pollution as well, but I would not feel that
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Unformatted text preview: sick when I go on the street. So I think that is related to the footprint too, for example, the footprint quiz may show us if we live like that, we might need few more planets. But the truth is we do not have few more planets for us to live, that is why the air condition is that bad in Hong Kong. Since we had that huge population, cars are necessary for our transportation, and those really affect our environment....
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