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chapter 2&3 TD

chapter 2&3 TD - Also through these two chapters I...

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Through chapter 2 and 3, I know more about science, matter, energy and ecosystem. First of all, science is a try to discover order in nature and use that knowledge to make predictions about what is likely to happen, and there is junk science, which I know nothing about it before. Second, matter is anything that takes up space, such as nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine, etc. The third one is energy, which is the ability to do work and transfer heat, like kinetic energy and potential energy. The last one is ecosystem; it is a community of different species interacting with each other.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, through these two chapters, I realize everything is chained together and interconnected; no one can exist without anyone, like everything has its position to support others. If we do not treasure what we have and keep wasting the resources, until one day, when we used up one of them, we may realize how much we depend on it, or we can not live without it. It may not be only us, or also other species will be affected, the whole environment is like a key chain, if any of it loses, then the chain will break and does not work anymore....
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