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chapter 4 TD - alive Also we generate too many pollutants...

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The topic of extinction really draws mw attention, because I feel bad on it after I read the text and it seems like we are the murder of many species’ extinction. According to the Miller textbook, the earth’s species have experienced five mass extinctions already during the past 500 million years, and mass extinction is a significant rise in extinction rate above the background level. Also, large amount of species can be killed because of volcanic eruption or earthquake, maybe only little amount of them can stay alive, but if they cannot adapt to the new environment, they will become extinct. Human activities affect their lives too, since the population grows so quickly, we need more lands to build our houses, so we clear so many forests and cut down trees for our own purpose. When species lose their home, many of them can’t stay
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Unformatted text preview: alive. Also, we generate too many pollutants in our environment, like air, water, and soil. When we are building the houses, many dusts come out and pollute the quality of air, and for the manufacturing factories, oil will release to near ocean or river, those can affect species either, it may reduce their food to stay alive. The global warming is a big problem to species, it makes the natural environment changed and their live style will be changed. I think we have responsibility to our living planet, we should not only to satisfy what we want, and ignore other living species, and we knew it from chapter 2 and 3, everything is related to each other and it is a chain, so it is a very important issue that we should concern in this moment....
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