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chapter 5&6 TD

chapter 5&6 TD - once in my life when I went...

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Since the greenhouse effect is getting serious, and it affects our environment like oceans, forests, and even spices. Human activities impact on it a lot, like burning fossil fuels, clearing forests, and making lot of pollutants to the environment. Because of the greenhouse effect, global warming occurs, and temperature goes up than before. Oceans, forests, deserts, etc are all affected by it, and many spices would not adapt to the new change and become extinct. For example, the winds and earth’s rotation would affect the heat from the sun and to other places, and then it might influence the weather and vegetation for the near coastal areas. I knew that coral reefs have been polluted by many human activities, I only saw it
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Unformatted text preview: once in my life when I went traveling, and people try to keep as many as coral reefs because they are really amazing and functional for the ocean. Because of the human activities like clearing forests, polluting the oceans, and the green house effect, etc, many species lost their habitats and got influenced for their lives, and that lead to vanish amphibians. Amphibians play an important role in ecology, they maintains our biological communities, if some of them become extinct, it will lead to extinct of other species. It’s pathetic that a part of our world being damages and many of us are doing nothing....
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