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chapter 7 TD - population down such as only one kid per...

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In many poor countries, people would have lots of children to help them to earn money, but they could not afford them to have enough to eat, and no education at all, their whole lives are working for survival. Because of their shortage of resources, they live in a very bad situation, and diseases are spread in a very fast way, such as AIDS. Many of them would not have education at all for their whole life, so they do not know how to prevent the AIDS, so it keep spreading for the whole area, and other diseases as well. For example, the government of China starts setting up some policies to keep the
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Unformatted text preview: population down, such as only one kid per each family allows having. Because of the poverty of the country and the shortage of resources, also many families do not have enough money to support the education for their kids, so many of them would rather to have only one kid and give him or her all the best they could. I think it is a good policy so far, because I would think education is very important in nowadays, and since the shortage of resources, if we still keep having too much kids that we could raise them, it just ruin their whole lives....
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