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chapter 8&9 TD - lives and it becomes really matter...

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I am most concerned on the topic of deforestation because I feel so pathetic for our living environment since trees give us so many advantages, but we still damage them. Because of the requirement of woods from the human being increased, the speed of deforestation seems going faster and faster, and not everyone can notice it. Actually, there are so many ways that we can save papers, when we doing copy, we should do both sides of it, we can recycle papers and use the recycled papers instead of the new, do not use paper bag when we go to supermarket. Those are really easy to do in out daily life, usually people think they do the little would not matter the whole environment, but can you imagine everyone do the same, it really can change our
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Unformatted text preview: lives, and it becomes really matter. There is another topic that really shocked me, the exotic pet trade, when the pet is more exotic, and then it can be sold in a more expensive price. The purpose of doing that is making jackets or other luxury goods from the skin and fur of the exotic pet. In china, some people would buy exotic pets in very high prices and eat them; they think those pets are really good for their health. I think it is so ridiculous to eat exotic pets, usually those pets are rarely to find and almost become extinct, and people still can be cruel enough to eat them. So I think government should be make more rules and regulations on it and being stricter to prevent that happen....
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