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chapter 10 TD - happened since 1967, rice and wheat bred...

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The most interesting topic that I found in this chapter is overfishing, it is the world’s third major food- producing system. The overfishing problem is going serious, so many commercial fishing boats and fleets are trying to fish some of the most desirable fishes. The effectiveness of this problem implies that the population of the fish has been significantly reduced and some even become extinct. Traditional agriculture consists of two main types those are traditional subsistence agriculture and traditional intensive agriculture. Traditional subsistence agriculture depends on labors to produce only enough to feed the livestock and family. Traditional intensive agriculture is different; it depends on more labors, animals, fertilizer to obtain extra to sell. The first green revolution happened between 1950 and 1970, the high- input made a great increased crop yields in many developed countries, the second green revolution
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Unformatted text preview: happened since 1967, rice and wheat bred really fast for tropical and subtropical climate in several developed countries. On the upside, green revolution technology increased crop yields, and it might help the hunger problem in worldwide. On the downside, it is indisputable that these increases were distributed unevenly among regions and socioeconomic classes, as well as we spend a lot on irrigation, land quality, government support, markets, and infrastructure. In the case of Green Revolution farming, the chemicals used pollute our land, air, and water; the switch from heavily rotated multiple crops to mono-cropping or dual-cropping reduces total soil fertility and the nutritional value of our food. The benefits of higher yield outweighed the costs of uneven distribution of green revolution. Resource:
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