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chapter 11 TD - The Three Gorges Dam is a big...

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I think the most interesting topic in this chapter is the water is safe to drink or not. From the textbook, it said that each day about 9,300 people die prematurely from infectious diseases spread by contaminated water or lack of hygiene, and most of them are children under five years old. I am so shocked that people would die because of unclean water, and maybe causes by too many pollutants add to the water, so we should be careful about that, remember to have access to safe drinking water. In the Middle East, there are many water- short countries, and they are arguing to access to water resources. To resolve these water distribution problem, those countries need a combination of regional cooperation to distribute the water supplies, reduce the population growth, improve efficiency in water use, reduce water use, higher water prices to help improve irrigation efficiency. Those solutions are not easy to reach, but they can really help for the conflicts in the Middle East.
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Unformatted text preview: The Three Gorges Dam is a big hydro-electric power station project. It helps a lot to china, it can be an extra source of electricity to China, and it helps to prevent and control the serious flooding problem during the rainy seasons. On the other side, when creating the reservoirs, many pollutants are produced. It will also affect the natural habitat of the species because of deforestation. The mining and processing uses a large amount of energy and disturbs the land, and it causes soil erosion, air and water pollution. Also, many people move their living place to others because of the project. Since creating the Three Gorges Dam can solve some of the problem of china, but at the same time, it will damage china too, or not only china but also the whole world since everything is interconnected. In the conclusion, I think disadvantages outweigh the advantages on this project....
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