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chapter 14 TD

chapter 14 TD - poverty problem in our world it becomes...

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During chapter 14, the big killer is most interested for me; I was so shocked after I read that. I knew that smoking would kill many people each year, but I could not imagine there are a really huge number of people died from the lung cancer, heart diseases, emphysema, etc. Those diseases are contributed by tobacco, and almost 85 millions people between 1950 and 2005 were died because of tobacco. As I notice, many teenagers start smoking when they are very young, for example, if they start smoking when they are fifteen, how many years would they be sticking with cigarettes? I doubt there are not less than 50 years, and I think it is really terrible; also it really affects their health. To reduce the incidence of infectious disease, I think we first need to consider the
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Unformatted text preview: poverty problem in our world; it becomes more serious since the rapid population growth. In poor area, people live in a very bad condition, they do not have clean water to drink, and they do not even care about the hygiene during their daily life, so infectious disease could easily spread through the community. Water is a really easy way to spread infectious disease too, we have to drink water everyday, so the people in poor area would not have any choose, they have to drink them to save their lives, and then they got the infectious disease from that media. I think the government should slow down the population, and that can help the poverty problem, also, we should try to improve their area, at least provide clean water for them....
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