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chapter 15&16 TD - truth is not so I might choose...

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In chapter 15, I found out the most interesting thing for me is the indoor air pollution, I did not know it before I read it, and I think it seems quite serious. For the outdoor air pollution, we are familiar to that because out society always discuss it and we are very concerning it. We know that cars, air conditioners, industries, etc have release many pollutants everyday, it cause severe air pollution and lead to global warming. Beside that, indoor air pollution occurs too, for example, some pollutants are two to five times higher indoor then outdoors, and during the traffic jam, the pollution level of inside the car is 18 times higher than outside. I am kind of scared after I read that because I thought sometimes if we stay home is better than going outside, but the
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Unformatted text preview: truth is not, so I might choose to go to parks more often. In chapter 16, the climate change due to a volcano interested me the most. A volcano explored in Philippines would cool the average temperature for fifteen months, and then the earth would be warm after that, that is estimation from NASA scientist James Hansen. We may say that might just estimation, but then it really become true. Although volcano can change the climate in our earth, but many human activities do the same too. If the temperature keeps going up, it will affect many forms of species, and many problems would come up too, such as sea level rising, flooding, and ozone depletion, so I think we should have more policies and acts to control them....
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