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chapter 17 TD - revolution, the main idea is about recycle,...

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In chapter 17, I think the reuse column interested me the most. In our daily life, I think there are so many things that we can reuse to save resources, such as water bottles, and I usually using the same bottle to refill water in it. People would not go to the water machine to refill their bottle, and they just buy a new bottle of water when they done with one, and I see many students in college in doing that everyday. As we are a part to protecting our environment, I think we have responsibility to save our resource and try to do reusing in out lives. Ecoindustrial revolution benefits our environment a lot, and the goal of it is to make the industrial manufacturing process cleaner and deal the waste with nature. In this
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Unformatted text preview: revolution, the main idea is about recycle, such as the waste of an organism is the nutrient of another organism, then we would not waste anything, and it can be recycling. If we can recycle the waste of the industrial, then less waste will throw into our environment. Also, industries can interact in complex resources exchange webs to exchange resources, it is kind of the same idea, and the waste of this industry can be the new material for another industry. This is a really good revolution since we can recycle and reuse the waste, if we do not do that, our environment would pollute by those industrial wastes and it got damage....
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