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For the last chapter, I found out the tradable pollution and resources- use permits are most interesting for me. Since the government set those policies to control the pollutants of the entire permit holder to release, then it really can reduce the amount of pollution, such as sulfur dioxide and several other pollutants. I think those are some very good policies to control the level of pollution, and they also allow if a permit holder does not use the all allocation, it can use the rest for the future expansion, other
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Unformatted text preview: operations, or even sell it to other companies. It is such a fair policies to the permit holders, and they can decide what they do. Since manufacture industries always release many pollutants, I think government should have more policies on them to control them. If without those policies, companies would not spend any money to take care of their waste and even the pollutants, they will just concern on their business and ignore the environment, so policies are necessary to save our earth....
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