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KEY Exam 3 Essays (33 points) Important note 1: For those of you who missed multiple choice #15, shame on you for saying that floods and droughts are strictly natural disasters!!! As we’ve been learning, they are human-activated problems . Important note 2: For MC #22, I will give credit for letter d, 2000, as well as for 1000, since the book used 1500 as the number of pesticide-resistant species. 1. What are 6 things you could do personally to contribute to more efficient water use? (3 points) Most everyone got full credit for this. Some said baths are better than showers, some said showers save water over baths. Ha! That will depend on the way you shower. I didn’t take off points, but please read below: Note about showers vs baths : You know that calculations on water use are based on certain average or general parameters. But you can use common sense. If you want to be in the water a long time, take a bath instead of a long shower. However, a “quick” shower will use less water than filling an average tub. According to several studies, automatic dishwashers save water over hand-washing dishes. That would depend on how you do both. Dishwashers also can be set on the water-saver cycle, and they should be fully loaded. Skip the heat-dry cycle, and of course, you should use non-toxic detergent . There are other considerations beside water use, such as resources and energy used to manufacture the appliance. But there are energy- efficient appliances, eco-conscious manufacturers, resource exchange, and recycling. Some people hand-wash dishes rather mindlessly, letting hot water run down the drain, over one dish or spoon at a time… When you do wash dishes by hand, place cleaned, soapy dishes in a basin or plastic tub, and catch the water and as they’re rinsed. Use cold water for rinsing. Then re-use the water. Lazy People Can Save the Planet Use the dishwasher if you want to save water, U.K. study concludes “…a study by U.K. nonprofit Waterwise found that the average dishwasher uses between 3 and 4.5 gallons of water per load, while hand dishwashing can use over 16 gallons… …If U.K. dishwasher ownership rose to 40 percent, says the study, the country would save up to 20 million gallons of water every day.” Here’s the link:
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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon 2. Compare and contrast active and passive solar energy. Consider factors such as energy efficiency, cost, and other factors. What purposes and conditions are they each best utilized? (4 points) Highlights: Passive solar has high efficiency (very high net energy) and moderate cost, and is best for heating spaces (but not too large a space). Active solar has moderate efficiency (net energy is reduced due to several energy
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Essay_Key_Exam_3 - KEY Exam 3 Essays(33 points Important...

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