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Essay Key Exam 4 (40 points) Please save a copy of this document and type your answers beneath each question. Keep the present format. Do not bold your answers. Resave and rename the file with your last name (surname) at the beginning of the filename (i.e., Smith Exam 4 Essays), and submit it as an attachment to the dropbox. Short answer 1. List the Sustainability Six for how we can reduce waste. (Points: 3) - Consume less by asking ourselves if we really need something or just want it and use alternatives like borrowing or renting - Redesign manufacturing processes and products to use less material and energy - Redesign manufacturing processes to produce less waste and pollution - Develop products easy to recycle, reuse, repair, remanufacture, or compost. - Design products to last longer - Eliminate or reduce unnecessary packaging 2. List 6 things you can do to reduce indoor air pollution in your home or office. (Points: 3) Student answer: To reduce indoor pollution, I can: - Avoid buying furniture or other products containing formaldehyde - Remove my shoes before entering my house to reduce dust, pesticides, and leads - Install carbon monoxide detectors in all sleeping areas - Have my house tested for radon and formaldehyde and take corrective measures as needed - smoke outside or in a closed room vented to the outside - check that wood burning stoves, fireplaces, and kerosene and gas burning heaters are properly installed, vented and maintained p. 365 3. List three benefits of REUSE and three benefits of RECYCLING. (Points: 3) Three benefits of reuse- (p. 394) Three benefits of recycling- (p. 397) Student answer #1 REUSE benefits: 1. The amount of brand new resources needed for a product is greatly reduced, since something can just be cleaned up and used again.
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2. The amount of air pollution decreases, since resources and energy aren't needed in nearly the same amounts when a product is just reused. 3. Reusing something also costs significantly less than having to buy something brand new, with the costs at high levels because it hasn't been used before. RECYCLING benefits: 1. It decreases the amount of waste that goes to landfills, gutters, waterways, etc. Less waste in the environment means less destruction of the environment. 2. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, since fewer resources are needed to create more products, releasing less gas into the atmosphere. 3. It saves energy that could otherwise go to areas, products, or people who could really use it. Student answer #2 Three benefits of reuse are: 1. preventing pollution and waste which would occur if the objects being reused had to be remade into something else or just left in a landfill. 2. Saving money. Reusing objects can save you money because you don't have to buy more products that you will just use once and throw away. 3. By reusing products you are not contributing to the amount of "stuff" that has to be put
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Essay_Key_Exam_4 - Essay Key Exam 4(40 points Please save a...

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