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Exam 1 essays - Exam 1 Short answer and essay questions(40...

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Exam 1 Short answer and essay questions (40 points). Please save a copy of this document and type your answers beneath each question. Keep the questions in bold and your answers unbolded. Resave and rename the file with your last name first (i.e., Smith Exam 3 Essays), and submit it as an attachment to the dropbox. Your score will be added to your multiple choice exam score, for a total of 100 points. 1. Environmental experts have identified five underlying causes of the environmental problems we face. What are the basic causes according to your textbook? 2 points ANS: According to the textbook, the basic causes of environment problems are population growth, unsustainable resource use, poverty, not including the costs of environment of economic goods and services in market prices, and without really understand about the nature, we trying to manage and simplify it. Since there are five of them, but the major problem is poverty which is seriously affect the human health and the environment. 2. List 2 benefits to this planet that insects provide. 1 point ANS: Insects play an important to pollinating flowers, without the, flowers would not grow, and we will not have fruits and vegetables like nowadays. Also, insects eat other insect, it is the rule of nature and it control the population of insects like pests, so this control is very important to the earth’s natural capital. 3. Name five reasons microbes are said to be the real rulers of the earth. 3 points ANS: First, microbes convert nitrogen gas in the atmosphere that the plants can absorb it from the soil to get nutrients and they can stay alive. Second, if without microbes, the soil decompose organic wastes into nutrients then will not been taking up by plants, and we will eat them. Third, microbes can break down the waste in water and it will be clearer for us to drink. Fourth, microbes help controlling disease when species eat our crops. Fifth, some harmful bacteria can be prevented by some microbes, and stop them to go into our lungs. So, microbes are the real rulers of the earth, because they help and the environment a lot. 4. Define pH and the pH scale. How is the pH scale used? What is it a measure of, exactly? 3 points ANS: PH is the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, and pH scale is a measurement scale to measure acidity and alkalinity of a solution which is based on the concentrations of hydrogen ions. PH scale range is from ph 0-14, ph 0-6.9 is acidic, and ph 7.1-14 is alkaline, if it is exactly ph7, it is neutral. The ph scale can be used to measure how acid is it in the water and soils.
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5. Can you think of six ways that you and other individuals in developed countries can significantly reduce our ecological footprint? 3 points ANS: First, we should not use that many resources, for example, we waste too much water to take a long shower instead of saving it. Second, we should not cut down trees
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Exam 1 essays - Exam 1 Short answer and essay questions(40...

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