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Elephant is the keystone species in Africa forests Wan Na Tai A keystone species is a species whose play important roles on the ecosystem and their extinction would consequently lead to the extinction of other forms of life, even though they just occupy very little place of the whole environment, but we understand that living communities of plants and animals depend keenly on one another for survival. Keystone species help to support the ecosystem of which they are a part of it. For example, elephants appear to be keystone species in African forests. In these forests, elephants are the only species large enough to eat and disperse the seeds of some very important plant species. In fact, studies show that 30 percent of the larger tree species (and 40 percent of the tallest tree species) in these forests depend on elephants for seed dispersal. Without elephants, many of these plant species would be unable to reproduce because elephants can count to have the biggest bodies than other animals. Many trees that depend on elephants for seed dispersal produce large fruits with thick
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