nutrient cycle

nutrient cycle - Hydrologic cycle: It is the cycle which...

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Hydrologic cycle: It is the cycle which collects, purifies, and distributes the earth’s fixed supply of water. The water precipitate in this cycle is from the water returning on the earth’s surface which is evaporates from solar energy. Aquifers are some infiltrates and percolates through soil and permeable rock formations to groundwater storage area. Most of the precipitation fell on the ground ecosystem to become surface runoff, so when water flows into streams and lakes, then they would flow to ocean, and evaporate to repeat the cycle. Beside the water cycle, it also can cause soil erosion, it moves the soil and rock fragments from one place to another, and the water can dissolves many nutrient compounds, so it is important to transport the nutrients. Hydrologic cycle can naturally filtered and purified the water, so it is such a cycle of renew the water quality by naturally. The effect of human activities on the water cycle are serious, we use a large amount of water for our daily life. We use water to clear vegetation, mining, road and building construction, etc, and those would increase runoff, also lead to the risk of flooding, accelerates soil erosion and landslides. We did so many activities and it would add nutrients to the water, and make pollutions. Carbon cycle: It is the cycle based on carbon dioxide, and it is the major component of nature’s thermostat, for example, if the carbon cycle moves too much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The atmosphere will be cool, but if it generates too much carbon dioxide, the atmosphere will be warmer. The terrestrial producers remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and aquatic producers remove it from the water, and then they use photosynthesis to change carbon dioxide into glucose. The cells in oxygen- consuming producers, consumers, and decomposers then carry out aerobic respiration, this process will break down glucose and other complex organic
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nutrient cycle - Hydrologic cycle: It is the cycle which...

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