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Yasuyo Saito Biology 9: section 1053,1054 1/22/08 Tigris-Euphrates Rivers Tigris River goes through Iraq to the Persian Gulf from North to South, and its headwaters are Turkey. As it meets with Euphrates River near the estuary, it changes the name to Shatt al-Arab River. The span is approximately 1900 km, and it has lots of streams. The area surrounded by Tigris River and Euphrates River that run parallel to each other is known as prosperity of Mesopotamia civilization. The river has been used as irrigation since the period of ancient Mesopotamia civilization.   Euphrates River is an international river that does through Syria, meets with Tigris River, becomes Shatt al-Arab River, and end to Persia Gulf. The headwaters are mountains in Northwest of Turkey, and the span is 2780 km. Around the estuary is the border of Iran and Iraq, which the reason of dispute over position of the border. The population of the valley 5 million, and lots of agriculture and nomad are run. The river had been making moor in Iraq, but in nineteen nineties, the moor was reclaimed to
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