Tai Envrio Legislation

Tai Envrio Legislation - Envrio Legislation 1) Theodore...

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Envrio Legislation 1) Theodore Roosevelt In 1902 Roosevelt secured passage of the Newlands Reclamation Act , which funded irrigation projects in the West. He increased the acreage of national parks and forests fivefold, much of it by executive orders creating five national parks. He also established the first federal bird reservation and 50 bird sanctuaries to protect endangered species. For the first time, a President focused public attention on conservation and the environment, and he got Congress to establish the U.S. Forest Service. After that, in 1905 Roosevelt establish the United States Forest Service , to concern more on forest lands, and Gifford Pinchot was the head of this service. During the service they manage about 155 national forests, and tried to make them into ranger districts. The districts construct and maintain trails, and they operate campgrounds, another important thing was the regulating of grazing. They also protected culturally significant heritage sites; manage vegetation and wildlife habitat during this service. 2) Nixon Following a decade of growing concern about pollution, and less than two months after the first Earth Day celebration in 1970, President Richard M. Nixon proposed creating the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Nixon presented the EPA proposal to Congress as a reorganization plan to consolidate the Federal Water Quality Administration, the National Air Pollution Control Administration, the Bureau of Solid Waste Management, and the Bureau of Water Hygiene, along with certain functions of the Council on Environmental Quality, the Atomic Energy
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Tai Envrio Legislation - Envrio Legislation 1) Theodore...

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