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Tai Exam 2 essays[1].41

Tai Exam 2 essays[1].41 - Exam 2 Essays(50 points 41/50...

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Exam 2 Essays (50 points) 41/50 Please save a copy of this document and type your answers beneath each question. Keep the present format. Resave and rename the file with your last name at the beginning of the filename (i.e., Smith Exam 2 Essays), and submit it as an attachment to the dropbox. Short Answer 1. What is the current population of the world? 1 Point 1/1 ANS: The current population of the world is 6.7 billion. 2. What is its current growth rate (expressed as a percentage)? 1 point 0/1 ANS: Its current growth rate is 1.3% 3. If a country has a growth rate of 1.7 %, how long will it take for its population to double? (Must show calculation for credit.) 1 point 1/1 ANS: From the rule of 70, 70/1.7 = 41.18 (similar to 41 yrs), so It will take 41 yrs for its population to double. 4. What spectacular biome (considered a complex zonation) is known as “islands of biodiversity”? 1 point 0/1 ANS: Forest. 5. List the top 3 areas of greatest marine (saltwater) biodiversity. (Hint: Do NOT give me “euphotic zone”, etc. Rather, they are types of aquatic habitat that your text says has the most biodiversity.) 3 Points 2/3 ANS: Coastal wetlands  X , coral reefs, and ocean bottoms. 6. Name 6 things that you and others can do to help sustain terrestrial biodiversity. Be specific to this issue. 3 points 3/3 ANS: Avoid using plastic bags, bringing our own shopping to supermarket. Do not waste papers, and use both sides of them. Save up more trees instead of cutting them, because they take so much longer to grow than we cut them off. Plant more trees around our environment. Do not drive cars if not necessary, because pollutants can affect our environment and the biodiversity. Separate our trash into recycle bin, and use recycle paper products. 7. List ALL the primary and secondary causes of depletion and extinction of wild species according to your textbook. 3 Points  3/3 ANS: Rapid population growth, rising resource use, no environmental accounting and poverty are the primary causes of depletion and extinction of wild species. The secondary causes are habitat loss, habitat degradation and fragmentation, pollution, introducing nonnative species that affects the native species, change of climate, over fishing, lack of predator and pest control, too much commercial hunting and poaching and sale of exotic pets and decorative plants.
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8. List what YOU can do that will directly help prevent premature extinction of terrestrial and aquatic species? 3 Points  2.5/3 ANS: I will not waste papers and use recycle papers, and use both sides of them, that can
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Tai Exam 2 essays[1].41 - Exam 2 Essays(50 points 41/50...

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