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Tai Exam 4 Essays - Exam 4 Essays (40 points) Please save a...

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Exam 4 Essays (40 points) Please save a copy of this document and type your answers beneath each question. Keep the present format. Do not bold your answers. Resave and rename the file with your last name (surname) at the beginning of the filename (i.e., Smith Exam 4 Essays), and submit it as an attachment to the dropbox. Short answer 1. List the Sustainability Six for how we can reduce waste. (Points: 3) ANS: We can bring our own bag to supermarket, and avoid using plastic bags. We should use recycle products, such as recycle papers. Save resources when we do not need it. We should separate our trash into different groups, like putting paper products in the recycle bins. Choose to take transportation or by walking, and do not drive cars if not necessary, it can reduce pollution. We should buy some products those can use longer, do not buy those which can only use once. 2. List 6 things you can do to reduce indoor air pollution in your home or office. (Points: ANS: Do not smoke in the house. Use outdoor vents in kitchen or bathroom to reduce the indoor buildup of moisture and air pollutants when we are cooking. We should check the gas and oil furnaces for carbon monoxide production frequently. Avoid using plywood, high-gloss wood, or particleboard, etc for the floors because they contain formaldehyde which is harmful to our health. Do not burn any wood, charcoal or coal, etc in our houses. Also, we should not always use aerosol sprays and air fresheners in our house. 3. List three benefits of REUSE and three benefits of RECYCLING. (Points: 3) ANS: Reuse: It can reduce the use of resources and energy in our world. It can provide jobs to people and save money. Also, it can reduce pollution in our society. Recycling: I can protect the biodiversity by using less resource. It can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also air and water pollution. Also, it can save more energy to use longer and save money. 4. List three specific examples of REUSE and three specific examples of RECYCLING. (Points: 3) ANS: Reuse: We can reuse the water bottle by refilling water in it. We can reuse our shopping bags when we go to supermarket next time. Also, we can reuse our pens by only buying the refill to put in inside the pens. Recycling: Put the plastic bottles into the
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recycle bin, the plastic can be recycling. Aluminum cans can be recycle too if we put them into the recycle bins. Newspapers can be recycling into other products too.
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Tai Exam 4 Essays - Exam 4 Essays (40 points) Please save a...

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