BIPN100 B - Finishing Up on The Heart A The Cardiac Cycle...

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Finishing Up on The Heart A. The Cardiac Cycle know it well and what happens at each point. Let’s draw it and explain. Ventricular Diastolic period Whats valves are close? Pressure in ventricle increases what type of contraction? Then ventricular pressure is greater than arterial pressure Ventricular systolic period stroke volume leaves (~50% of ventricular blood leaves) Ventricles relax decrease pressure, smaller pressure than atrial pressure When it drops below atrial pressure then If arterial pressure high ventricle works harder to overcome pressure hypertrophy What about right ventricle’s diagram? How does it look like? - Wigger’s diagram fig.14-26 combines everything we know about cardiac cycle understand it B. The Input vs. Output of Blood - Input must equal output or there will be building up of blood, which can lead to pulmonary edema or hypertension. - Heart compensates manipulate this equation Cardiac Output= SV x HR - Usually its 70ml/ beat times 70 beats/min = ~4.9 L/min typical - But when you increase HR at the expense of diastole, you decrease SV so the cardiac output is maintained need to increase SV and HR. - Examples are of us exercising or extreme athletes out of 35L/min. - Heart compensates by using heart muscles increase venous return= increase heart stretch= increase contraction strength due to what? - Due to - But may get heart failure due to hypertrophy of heart muscles law of diminishing returns C. Starling’s Law of The Heart - an intrinsic feature of the heart to pump more blood when more blood is present - Length-Tension Relationship.
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BIPN100 B - Finishing Up on The Heart A The Cardiac Cycle...

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