HS lec8 - Sexual Orientation (cont.) Bisexuality 0....

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Sexual Orientation (cont.) Bisexuality 0. Theories 0. Distinct orientation 2. Experimentation/transition from one orientation to another 3. Denial of true homosexual orientation 1. Bisexuals often feel ostracized by both heterosexuals and homosexuals 2. Relationship issues Queer?? 3. Orientation 4. Gender Pansexuality 5. Potential for aesthetic attraction, romantic love, or sexual desire for people, regardless of their gender identity or biological sex 6. Gender-blind? 7. But…openness to all sorts of sexual activities and groupings, including ones that society considers even more taboo than same- sex love History of Homosexuality as an Identity 8. Growth of cities 9. Companionate marriages 10. 19 th century doctors The DSM 11.Homosexuality as a psychological disorder? 12.DSM-III (1973 vote) 13.DSM-IIIR, DSM-IV 14.APA stance Models of Sexual Orientation 15.Kinsey’s continuum 16.Storms’ dimensions 17.Klein’s grid Sexual Orientations: Prevalence 18.Survey reliability? 19.Demographics? 20.Attraction/behavior/identity?
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Sexual Orientations: Prevalence 0. 10% white U.S. males group 5 or 6 (Kinsey)
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HS lec8 - Sexual Orientation (cont.) Bisexuality 0....

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