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HS lec14 - Sex & Religion Samuel J. Abrams Center for...

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Samuel J. Abrams Center for Basic Research in the Social Sciences at Harvard University December 22, 2004 0. About 32% of Americans attend religious services regularly 1. Almost 70% of Americans consider religion to be an important part of their lives 2. 50% maintain that their religion offers quite a bit or a great deal of guidance in their daily matters. Spirituality and religion guide…. . 0. Values 0. Principles of right and wrong (attitudes) 1. Rules of conduct (actions) Religions often teach that it is necessary to perform right actions and avoid wrong ones to achieve perfection Effects of religion on attitudes: Effects of religion on behavior: Do attitudes always match behavior? Issues Possibly Influencing Religion/Sex Interaction 3. Which religion you practice 4. How religious you are (religiosity) 5. Demographics Example: Masturbation 0. The Roman Catholic church considers masturbation to be an " intrinsically and seriously disordered act. " 1. Very liberal Christians consider masturbation as a positive source of pleasure, morally neutral, an aid to prostate health for males, and a helpful training aid to teach young people about their body's responses. It is a safe
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HS lec14 - Sex & Religion Samuel J. Abrams Center for...

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