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Psychology 172, 2009 Reading List “Guide To Getting It On” 5 th or 6 th Edition by Paul Joannides Week 2: In the Beginning; The Importance of Getting Naked; On the Penis; What’s Inside a Girl; Orgasms, Sunsets & Hand Grenades; Trying to Get Pregnant Week 3: Barbie the Icon; The Historical Breast & Bra; The Fruit of his Loom; Trying to Get Pregnant; Sex During Pregnancy Week 4: Gnarly Sex Germs; Birth Control – Sperm vs. Egg Week 5: Orientation in Flux; Same-Sex Fun & Luvin’; Gender Benders Week 7: Romance; Kissing; Handjobs; Balls, Balls, Balls; The Zen of Finger Fucking;
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Unformatted text preview: The Prostate and Male Underground; Oral Sex – Penises & Popsicles; Oral Sex – Vulvas & Honey Pots; Intercourse – Horizontal Jogging; Anal Sex – Up Your Bum; Playing with Yourself Week 8: Talking to Your Partner About Sex; Sex Legal; I Knew the Bride; Threesomes; Double Penetration; Kinky Corner; Good Sex After Bad – Rape & Abuse; Week 9: Dirty Word Chapter; Sex in the Military; Sex & God (or God & Sex); Sex in the 1800s Week 10: Explaining Sex to Kids; Kink in the Animal Kingdom...
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