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ELED 3120 Exam #1 Notes 1859 Origin of species “much light will be thrown on the origin of species 18:19 John B Watson: Ladies home Journal “ a good firm handshake” 20 th century Zeitgeinst- German (time ghost/spirit of the time) zeitgeist what people valued or dismissed 2000: affection- love, maternal attachment Child Development: the scientific study of patterns of growth, change, and stability that occur from conception through adolescence. Child development focuses on human
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Unformatted text preview: development how cultural racial and ethnic differences affect course of development Topical areas of CD: physical, cognitive, social personality Periods Prenatal, infancy, preschool, middle-childhood, adolescence Race:biological concept ethnicity:cultural background Retarded: significantly behined Assimilation: taking in new information that fits what you know(meaning) Accommodation: making adjustments of prior knowledge to fit understanding Schemas: organized action pattern Piaget: Birth: Proactive, Reflexes {no mind}...
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