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CHAPTER 1 ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS: AN OVERVIEW SUGGESTED ANSWERS TO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1.5 Since people are one of the basic components of any system, it will always be difficult to successfully transfer a specific information systems design intact to another organization. Considering in advance how aspects of the new organizational culture are likely to affect acceptance of the system can increase the chances for successful transfer. Doing so may enable the organization to take steps to mitigate likely causes of resistance. The design of an AIS, however, itself can influence and change an organization’s culture and philosophy. Therefore, with adequate top management support, implementation of a new AIS can be used as a vehicle to change an organization. The reciprocal effects of technology and organizational culture on one another, however, mean that it is unrealistic to expect that the introduction of a new AIS will produce the same results observed in another organization. 1.6 There is no easy answer to this question. Although a company can try to identify the benefits of a new IT initiative and compare those benefits to the associated costs, this is often easier said than done. Usually, it is difficult to precisely measure the benefits of new uses of IT. Nevertheless,
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