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9/11/09 7:22 PM McGraw-Hill's Connect - Ebook Page 1 of 2 Managerial Accounting EBook 13/e Content Chapter3: Systems Design: Job-Order Costing Use of Information Technology Earlier in the chapter we discussed how bar code technology can be used to record labor time—reducing the drudgery in that task and increasing accuracy. Bar codes have many other uses. In a company with a well-developed bar code system, the manufacturing cycle begins with the receipt of a customer's order in electronic form. Until very recently, the order would have been received via electronic data interchange (EDI), which involves a network of computers linking organizations. An EDI network allows companies to electronically exchange business documents and other information that extend into all areas of business activity from ordering raw materials to shipping completed goods. Recently, EDI has been challenged by a far cheaper web-based alternative—XML (Extensible Markup Language), an extension of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML uses codes to tell your web browser how to display information on your screen, but the computer doesn't know what the information is—it just displays it. XML provides additional tags that identify the kind of information that is being exchanged. For example, price data might be coded as <price> 14.95 <price>. When your computer reads this data and
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Use of Information Technology - McGraw-Hill's Connect -...

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