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Turkey notes Land bridge ; Silk Road from 1500 BC (China’s self-isolationism & Colombus’ voyages) Ottoman Empire = dominant power in Mid East for five centuries Islam in Turkey in 1300s WWI – Ottoman Empire allied with Germany against Britain and France and Russia Peace Treaty in 1920 carved up region – British & French protectorates, except for a small part of Anatolia (left for the sultan) Post WWI = father of modern Turkey – Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk = Father of the Turks) Turks also in Germany; Bulgaria; Greece Alevis Assyrian Christians Jews Turkey and the European Union
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Unformatted text preview: –poor human rights & political and financial instability have delayed the process. Some reforms = elimination of the death penalty; improved prison conditions; 1926 Civil Code updated to give women equal rights in matters of divorce, property ownership and the workplace. 1997 law requires children to complete 8 years of primary school. However, Article 301, which makes insulting Turkish ‘national identity’ a crime has yet to be repealed. Also, Article 51 of the penal code allows for reduced sentences for ‘honor killings’ (carried out by husbands or relatives of women who have ‘shamed’ their families by adultery or other ‘misbehavior’....
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