The Lemon Tree - chapters 9-10 disc questions

The Lemon Tree - chapters 9-10 disc questions - The Lemon...

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The Lemon Tree !) Chapter 9 – Encounter 1. How did Dalia react when Bashir and his cousins knocked on the door? How did Bashir react when he first entered his family home? How did he later describe the visit to his family? 2. p. 152-153 – Bashir’s 1 st arrest. When? Why? When he left jail (later in chapter) how did he feel? What did he say? 3. p. 152 – UN Resolution 242. When was it signed? What did it say? What did it lack? 4. p. 155-156 – What were the feelings of some of the Israeli soldiers? 5. Dalia and Bashir visit in Ramallah. How did she get there? How did she feel in Bashir’s home there? 6. What is the significance of the lemon? 7. p. 160-163 – Discuss the ‘longing for home’ of both Dalia and Bashir. Chapter 10 - Explosion 8. What was Bashir’s alleged involvement in the explosion? What happens to him? 9. Discuss interrogation and torture in the prison. What were the reasons given (3) for torture?
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