The Lemon Tree - chapter 12 - Hope

The Lemon Tree - chapter 12 - Hope - the Peace Accords...

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The Lemon Tree – Chapter 12 – Hope 1. Know the famous ‘handshake’. When? Between whom? Accomplishments /stalls / obstacles 2. Who are: Arafat, Rabin, what are the discussion about self rule and pullout of occupied territories? 3. Note: UN Resolutions 194 and 242 4. P. 227 – Feb. 25 th 1994 and its aftermath 5. P. 228 – Palestinian exiles building mansions in Gaza; who is Mahmoud Abbas? 6. Israeli withdrawl in 3 phases 7. Suicide bombings increase 8. P. 230-231 – Open House, the idea of coexistence “legitimized” 9. Dalia’s belief about the settlements 10. P. 231 – Rabin’s address & what happened to him. Who was the assailant? 11. 234 Bashir’s visit to Open House 12.P. 234-237 Oslo Accords and negotiations between Clinton, Dennis Ross, Madeleine Albright, Barak, and Arafat – holy sites; refugees; right of return; UN Res 242; What are they talking about? 13. P. 238-239 – What was the prevailing view of the US and Israel about the way
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Unformatted text preview: the Peace Accords went? 14. What was the perspective of the observers to the process? (Diplomats and others) 15. What was the perspective of the Palestinians? 16. P. 239 What happened on Sept 22, 2000, with Ariel and Sharon? 17. P. 240 2 nd intifada whats the ratio of who is killing whom, and who is being killed? 18. P. 240 Dalia and Open House. Thoughts? Realizations? What was required for change / transformation? 19. What happened on Jan. 1, 2001 Barak and Sharon 20. P. 242 Sharon / GW Bush Dec. 2001 21. P. 244 2002. Sharons policy of demolishing Palestinian houses. What was the response of some Israelis, the refuseniks? 22.P. 245-246 Bombing Sharons response; Arafats response 23.P. 247 Dalias husbands (Yehezhel) calling during this time. Dalias choice? Why, did she choose the way she did?...
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The Lemon Tree - chapter 12 - Hope - the Peace Accords...

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