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The Lemon Tree – Chapter 11 – Deportation (more chapters to come!) 1. Discuss Bashir’s 3 rd prison sentence. 1988. Later deportation. 2. When was the first intifada ? What is it? 3. Discuss the massacre at Jabalya refugee camp; understand stones and bullets; David and Goliath analogies; the Stone Revolution 4. P. 194 – Hamas. Who? When? What? Beliefs/demands 5. P. 199 – Israeli society’s feelings over the deportation of Bashir and others? The book talks about ‘right’ Israeli and a ‘center’ Israeli thoughts on the matter. 6. Dalia’s open letter to Bashir. What was its essence? What did she say to him? To all readers? Where was it published? What was Bashir’s reaction? Response? 7. P. 203 – Hezbollah. Who, what, when…? 8. P. 203 – Israeli occupation of Lebanon. When? Israeli and Christian militias 9. Discuss the slaughter at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon.
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Unformatted text preview: Who & how many was/were slaughtered; by whom; when; why? 10. Discuss the Israeli citizen reaction of the massacres. 11. P. 209 - Discuss ‘Fatah & Abu Jihad 12. Discuss Bashir’s family’s visit to Dalia in the hospital. What did they talk about? Laugh about? 13. Note: the 1980s ‘hot spots’ 14. What was the Soviet/Palestinian relationship? 15. UN Resolution 242 – what did it say? What would be a Palestinian concession? 16. Discuss Bashir’s return letter to Dalia. What was its essence? 17. How did Bashir lose his hand? How did Dalia respond when she realized that she’d known him for decades and never noticed that he didn’t have a hand? 18. P. 221 – Discuss the story of Michael Fanous. How did he become important to Dalia, and ultimately, Bashir? What was the result? 19. What is Open House?...
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