Syria, Lebanon, Iraq notes

Syria, Lebanon, Iraq notes - Syria notes Damascus world's...

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Syria notes Damascus – world’s oldest city in continuous use Once great Umayyad Kingdom 6000 year old city near Hamonkar (Iraqi/Turkey border) (earlier than Sumerians) Muhammed’s successors called caliphs Bilad ash-Sham (east) Disputed boundary – Golan Heights – Israel seized in 70s Independence in 1946 Current pres since 1970 Majority Sunni Alawis – largest minority (nominally Shiite) – mistrusted by Sunnis, clannish group Druze – Israel & Lebanon also; Muslim, but some secretive Christian rites; majority live in Golan Heights Non-Arab minority is Kurds, 1.7 million; 9% of population 1962 Kurds stripped of citizenship; currently 300,000 Kurds in Syria carry only ID cards Also small Christian and Jewish populations (some Aramaic speaking) 1860 – French troops in Syria (built some infrastructure) Originally agricultural economy; later collectivized and then agric declined; industries nationalized; cotton principal crop til mid1970s; then oil; oil in Kurdish areas makes exploration difficult Agriculture – 30% of GDP and employs about 33% of labor force; has expanded through irrigation; Lebanon notes Population – 3.9 million; annual growth – 1.198%; very urban 88%; Arab Religion – 59% Muslim; Christian – 39%; Protestant 2% 1
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Long narrow Medit sea coast; the broad fertile valley – Biqa’ – main wheat
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Syria, Lebanon, Iraq notes - Syria notes Damascus world's...

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