Study Guide - Exam 1 - Fall 08

Study Guide - Exam 1 - Fall 08 - Southwest Asia (North...

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Exam 1 – Geography, History/Culture, Egypt, North Africa 50 questions – mapping, multiple choice… You can bring 2 pages (back & front – 4 pages in all) of notes to the exam. No maps. Bring a #2 pencil. I will provide the scantron. There will be a map portion. Part 1 = Regional Overview (see Introduction PowerPoint) 1. MAP portion: Know the names of countries & capitals of the region, and any major rivers or water bodies 2. Know the geographic extent of the region. 3. What are the 4 main regional landforms? 4. What are the climate patterns of the region? 5. What is an exotic river? 6. What is a kibbutz? 7. What are some of the major environmental issues faced by the region? 8. How have some of the countries dealt with managing water over the centuries? 9. What is physiographic or nutritional density? Where do we see a perfect example of physiological density? 10. What are some of the issues that the region faces with regard to the environment and population pressures? (several separate slides in different parts of the PowerPoint, I noticed) 11. What are some of the main parts of an Islamic, desert city? 12. What can you say about the region’s ‘cultural and agricultural hearths’ (Fertile Crescent, Nile…in terms of domestication, irrigation…)? 13. What is pastoral nomadism, what is transhumance, what is sequent occupance? 14. What is hydro-politics? Where do we see examples? Part 2 = Historical Overview & Patterns/Numbers of People, Culture, Religions, Ethnicities
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15. How many people in the region? 16. What is the problem with population estimates in the region? 17. What are ‘Push-Pull’ from a geographic concept? What causes people to immigrate or emigrate from one place to another? Environment, Economics, Politics… 18. What are some of the population counts of the largest and smallest countries? 19. What are some of the region’s rates of births, deaths, and population increases?
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Study Guide - Exam 1 - Fall 08 - Southwest Asia (North...

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