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questions for class discussion - oct 08

questions for class discussion - oct 08 - see where it goes...

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GCU 328: Discussion Questions (From Students) Below are some of the questions that we extracted from your list of questions to ask our Middle Eastern/Muslim classmates. We’ll take our class period on Wed. Oct. 15 th (day after the exam) to explore some of these issues. Please come prepared to participate in the discussion on one end or the other. We’ll create some time also (either in that class, or another day) to talk about the questions that students who come from the Middle East/Southwest might have for their American counterparts. Of course, there are so many, many questions we could address, but let’s start here and
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Unformatted text preview: see where it goes. This discussion will be pretty informal, but I will find a way to get ‘points’ from you that day! See you on the 15 th . Dr.LK-What brings/entices Middle Easterners to come to the US?-What is the general sentiment of the US there?-What are the major differences between your home country and the US?-What do you for fun there?-How is school different in the Middle East?-Have you faced discrimination while being in the US?-What are their family relationships like?-What kind of sports are played?-Can you talk about gender issues and clothing?...
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