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Patterns/Numbers of People / Cultures / Religions / Ethnicities Today = region has about 372 million people (close to same pop as US); 1950 = just under 80 million Estimates of population is often common, since censuses have not been taken with consistency throughout the region (or at all); also, difficult to count nomadic pops. (and Bedouins ); women may not be counted effectively Components of Patterns of People: Distribution – where are they? See PowerPoint (Intro to Region) maps of population Density – How clustered or dispersed are the populations? Difference between mathematical and nutritional/physiological density. See map referred to above How fast is region growing ? Very fast! We’ll talk more extensively about this later. Migration – Are people moving from place to place? Absolutely. Historically, and in modern times. Push-Pull factors (another major geographic concept). What causes people to immigrate or emigrate from one place to another? Environment, Economics, Politics… 22 cities in region with 1 million +; more cities with ½ million; thousands and thousands of small villages Numbers Egypt (81 million), Turkey (72 million), Iran (68 million) Iraq 4 th Saudi Arabia, largest in territory, 5 th in population Rates of Births, Deaths, Increase of Pop - All developing world countries have declining death rates (in 21 st century). Why? - Also, most have shown increase in birth rates. - Syria, Oman, Yemen = very high birth rates - Egypt, Turkey, Iran = programs to lower birthrates – although there is resistance from some traditional groups - Israelis have low birthrates – government has encouraged families to have more children to counter high Arab growth rates Migration
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Patterns of People, Religion, Ethnicity for Blackboard -...

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