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Historic Overview of Cultures & Peoples - MidEast

Historic Overview of Cultures & Peoples - MidEast -...

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Geography of Southwest Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia Week One - Physical location and definition(s) of the region: Middle East/Southwest Asia/North Africa/Central Asia – PowerPoint posted on Blackboard Week Two - Historical Overview – Peoples, Cultures of the Region Landscapes, Built Environment, Scholarship, Technologies… Use the following terms to guide you in your understanding of the cultural geography of the region Terms/Concepts Sequent Occupance & Culture Complex Diffusion Patterns of Distribution Migration of People, Ideas (Philosophy/Religion), Artifacts & Technologies
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Unformatted text preview: Cradle of Civilization Birthplace of 3 Monotheistic Faiths Inter-continental Region & Crossroads Tri-continental juntion Heritage of Region Early Peoples/Periods Paleolithic - Old Stone Age Neolithic - New Stone Age Irrigation Domestication Region of Successive Empires Culture - through language, religion, ethnicity, class, values, beliefs, common histories, politics, agriculture, art, philosophy. .. Arabs & Islam Encounters with the West misconceptions about differences between East & West (stereotypes) European colonialism & US political imperialism...
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