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Discussion Questions: “A Thousand Splendid Suns” Part I 1. Why was Mariam not allowed to go into the city? What were the social ramifications? 2. Why did Mariam cross the river and go to her father’s house? What was his reaction and why? 3. Why did her mother kill herself? 4. How/why was Mariam treated by her father’s other wives? 5. Where was she sent to marry and why? 6. Describe Mariam’ life in Kabul? Why did her husband treat her so poorly? Part II 1. Describe Laila and Tariq’s relationship? 2. Why did Laila’s mother become reclusive the 1 st and 2 nd time? 3. What did Babi do before the Communists took over and why was he no longer allowed to that job? 4. When the Communists left Afghanistan who took over? What happened once they took over? 5. Why did Laila feel she could not marry and leave with Tariq? 6. What happened to Laila and the end of Part II. Part III 1. What is an “Ambugh”? 2. Who found Laila and what was his intentions? 3. What became of Tariq according the to visitor to the house?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What was the agreement made between Laila and Mariam? 5. Why did Laila agree to marry Rasheed? 6. Why was Rasheed so disappointed to have a female baby? 7. What event/s no longer meant that Laila and Mariam were enemies? 8. What happened at the train station and what were the ramifications to Mariam and Laila? 9. Who took over Kabul in 1996? What were the laws that were instilled? 10. Describe Rasheed’s attitude towards Zalmai compared to Aziza? 11. What happened to the family after Rasheed’s shop burned? 12. Where was Aziza taken and why? 13. What really became of Tariq? 14. What became of Mariam after killing Rasheed? Part IV 1. Describe Laila’s life in Murree? 2. On their way back to Kabul, where do the stop first and why? 3. What does Hamza give Laila? 4. Ho had Kabul changed from when Laila left and returned? Describe the differences? 5. What did Laila do with Mariam’s inheritance?...
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