Prelim 5 - 2006 - BioG 102 Cornell University INSTRUCTIONS:...

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BioG 102 EXAMS 4 April 2006 Cornell University Morin INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Please use a #2 pencil for the optical-scan answer sheets. 2) Fill in your name in the appropriate squares and circles: followed by first name (space) middle initial. Be sure to put a blank space between your family and given names; and to blacken the appropriate circles below each letter. NAME (Last, Fist, M.I.) A @@ f"?o.\&---. ...... :;~ @ @ @@ 3) Under BIRTH DATE put the last name of your LABORATORY INSTRUCTOR (first 4 letters); mark NONE if you are not enrolled in lab. Do not blacken the circles below. 4) Under IDENTIFICATION NUMBER put your 6-digit Cornell University 10 number. Leave no blanks between numbers; blacken the appropriate circles below each number. 5) Under SPECIAL CODES please answer the questions given - at the right. This information will assist us to better organize the course and in counseling students. IDENTIFICATION NUMBER ABCDEFGH I Jun Last name followed by space Under SPECIAL CODES: K. Your college? o = Agriculture/Life Sci. 1 = Human Ecology 2 = Arts & Sciences 3 = Engineering 4 = Other College L. Years of previous biology? 0= None 1 = One year 2 = Two years 3 = Three years or more M. Your class? o = Special or f''Xtramural 1 = Freshman 2 = Sophomore 3 = Junior 4 = Senior 5 = Graduate student N. Do you enjoy the film clips and animations in lecture, office hours or 00 sessions? 0= No 1 = Don't care 2 = Yes O. Are the film clips or animations helpful in understanding the lecture material? o = Not helpful 1 = Somewhat helpful 2 = Helpful 3 = Ve helpful 6) After you have completed these steps, proceed with the test. You will have 90 min. (1.5 hrs.) to complete it, and you will be notified when 10 and 5 min. remain. THIS BOOKLET CONSISTS OF 12 ADDITIONAL PAGES. CHECK EACH PAGE NOW TO BE SURE THAT YOURS IS COMPLETE. You may keep this exam booklet. Keep track of your answers in this booklet (as well as the bubble sheet) so that you can check your answers on the web after the exam.
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SlOG 102 Prelim Exam 5 Spring 2006 1) (1 pt) Which is an inaccurate description of a feature of cytoplasmic determinants? a) These are proteins, made in the cytoplasm and secreted out of cells, that influence the developmental fate of surrounding cells. b) Many are contributed from maternal cells and help to direct early stages of development. c) They often playa major role in the first few mitotic divisions. d) These are often formed after the completion of fertilization. e) Typically they are unevenly distributed in the cytoplasm of the zygote. 2) (1 pt) Which of the following is a correct order of items that a growing pollen tube will encounter on its way to an angiosperm female gametophyte? a) carpel, pistil, ovary, ovule, megagametophyte b) stigma, style, ovarian wall, integuments, megagametophyte stigma, filament, anther, pistil, megagametophyte, integuments d) ovarian wall, style, stigma, ovule, megagametophyte e) style, ovary, stigma, integuments, megagametophyte 3) (1 pt) Natural selection is based on all of the following except: a) variation exists within populations.
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Prelim 5 - 2006 - BioG 102 Cornell University INSTRUCTIONS:...

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