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1 UCLA Political Science 145C Civil Liberties Summer 2009 Instructor: Jonathan Liljeblad E-mail: or Office Hours: Mondays 10-12 AM, Bunche 3284 Location: Humants 169 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course covers civil liberties in the American political system. Topics to be covered include, but are not necessarily limited to, history of the American judicial system and civil liberties, Constitutional bases for American civil liberties, political and public policy issues associated with civil liberties, and the relationship between state and society in terms of civil liberties. The course, while referencing theory and history, will take advantage of current events for practical study and classroom discussion. This means that the class schedule may change to take advantage of timely resources and topics. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Grading will be based on a midterm and a final exam (see below). Students are expected to complete all assigned reading by the dates scheduled before the start of class, and be ready to participate in class discussion. Students are expected to keep up with current events, and should follow the news regarding political issues on a daily basis. Class behavior should be polite and respectful. There should only be one voice heard at any one time. At no time will disrespectful, hostile, or confrontational behavior be tolerated. Such behavior will negatively affect your participation grade. Class time is reserved for course materials only. This means no talking on cell phones, text messages, instant messages, emails, surfing the internet, reading, listening to music, or otherwise doing anything not related to class. Unexcused late assignments will be given an automatic F. The only valid excuses are those accompanied by formal documentation. Any acts of plagiarism will be punished in accordance with the university’s Code of Conduct.
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This note was uploaded on 09/19/2009 for the course POL SCI 145 taught by Professor Liljeblad during the Summer '09 term at UCLA.

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civillibertiessyllabus - 1 UCLA Political Science 145C...

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