gross - rating gross genre 82 533.3333333 Action 79...

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Sheet1 Page 1 ratinggrossgenre 82533.3333333Action 79318.0645161Action 65316.7721519Action 49227.6363636Action 58168.3291771Action 61134.7931873Action 64134.3007916Action 54130.3030303Action 31102.5316456Action 57101.4492754Action 43101.7421603Action 3494.97354497Action 5682.67716535Action 3580.35190616Action 6480.2Action 4079.42708333Action 7875.82417582Action 59336.5256125Action 61319.0045249Action 50309.1644205Action 65256.4784053Action 85227.2131148Action 48219.6078431Action 51210.3857567Action 44140.2857143Action 69134.6774194Action 45132.0454545Action 35115.8163265Action 5982.33532934Action 6280.14440433Action 53423.75Action 58234.7031963Action 46217.7966102Action 72199.6197719Action 81167.2131148Action 66133.988764Action 86132.5123153Action 7688.68501529Action 68380.3508772Action 73234.2960289Action 81217.826087Action 70205.4852321Action 55186.2962963Action 40154.9723757Action 5389.45454545Action 4675.25Action 83373.7288136Action 48186.6847826Action 73176.1744966Action 39172.9064039Action 59145Action
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This note was uploaded on 09/19/2009 for the course MATH compstat taught by Professor Qian during the Spring '09 term at FAU.

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gross - rating gross genre 82 533.3333333 Action 79...

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