opent - rating Open$/theater genre 82 36280.34814 Action 79...

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Sheet1 Page 1 ratingOpen$/theatergenre 8236280.34814Action 7924019.48843Action 6523497.65258Action 4915788.14628Action 5819559.54796Action 6115805.99144Action 6416031.49606Action 549895.167476Action 3110771.2766Action 577470.651014Action 438319.088319Action 3410527.85924Action 567746.219107Action 357992.998833Action 6411756.08326Action 408567.41573Action 7810767.79026Action 5935536.21825Action 6117576.66417Action 5026295.2774Action 6521408.76317Action 8518934.42623Action 4811691.02296Action 5122848.85595Action 4412996.29434Action 699800.469484Action 4514675.42309Action 3512544.90191Action 598721.852204Action 627589.74359Action 5332809.09751Action 5827859.07859Action 4620642.57028Action 7212915.12915Action 8111881.18812Action 6611766.15688Action 868916.141863Action 7610290.98652Action 6829609.39634Action 7316606.96008Action 8114041.47982Action 7012623.12079Action 5514690.42056Action 4015574.68073Action 537184.579439Action 4610097.28279Action 8321242.77457Action 4820058.39416Action 7316587.67773Action 3911634.07358Action 5915263.15789Action
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This note was uploaded on 09/19/2009 for the course MATH compstat taught by Professor Qian during the Spring '09 term at FAU.

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opent - rating Open$/theater genre 82 36280.34814 Action 79...

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