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EE 220 Circuits-I Important Rules to Follow: 1. No food or use of Cell Phone in the class. 2. Home work will be due 2 nd Lecture Day after the chapter is over. 3. 1 or 2 days extension for home work is possible as an individual or by the whole class if requested. You have to make sure that attempts have been made to complete the home work. 4. 95% or more attendance will count as 100% i.e. upto 2 absences will be waived off. 5. If you are absent on the day of test or home work submission date, please discuss with me before being absent to make some alternate arrangements. You still get absent for the day. No alternate arrangements will be made for the Quiz. 6 We will try to follow the schedule for tests, quiz etc. as much as possible. If there is a change due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be informed accordingly. 6. All the information like notices, chapter examples, assignment solutions, Quiz solutions, test solutions will be posted on Webcampus.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Chapter examples will be posted on webcampus before the start of the new chapter. You are supposed to go through these examples, understand them and make copies. You are supposed to be well prepared to ask any related question when I go through these examples in the class. 8. There is no curving for the grades. 9. All the tests and exam will be open book and nothing should be written on the book except highlighting and tagging. If any thing is written on the book, you will not be allowed to use the book in the tests, exam. Quizzes will be closed book. Notes are not allowed at all. 10. Any one found copying home work, cheating in the tests, exam or quizzes will get a “F” grade for the course besides any penalty as per UNR codes for students for these offences. 11. Please read the rules for Group Project in the Group Project – Format and Grading Sheet....
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