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EE 220L Quiz2_sol

EE 220L Quiz2_sol - EE 220L Quiz#2 Name Key Date...

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Unformatted text preview: EE 220L Quiz #2 Name: Key Date: 2/4—22/09 1. State Kirchhoff’s voltage & current 1aw5_ KVLI Sum of uol‘lngzs durum/wt :1 loop = Berra. kCL' Sam 0( Curv'fn-l‘i :‘nJ-o “"01 ”“4 If a n04"? : 263%). 2. Similar as in the lab: Given an independent voltage source V1 with output terminals set at 10V, design a voltage divider to supply 4V to R2 (R2 = 4 k9). (Hthdel) 1:165? 1M V.*VRE“’"“"5V:VR. I R1 R2 T cred“- ;V’l , _ 6V :‘ék—Q’ R”T:i 3. Find the equivalent circuit of the. following figure. T w‘ 1 Sk//Sk :" “lag k. E1089“ C'Kuf'l 25;” 7.5k = Wk 10)...” [Gk = gk S‘v 7k51. gk +1k = 7k ...
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