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EE 220 Quiz 1 Solutions

EE 220 Quiz 1 Solutions - Active Battery Passive Resistor 4...

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Name…………………………………… EE 220 CIRCUITS-I Quiz # 1- Solutions Spring Semester February 6, 2009 Time: 5 minutes Maximum Points- 10 1. Why is the direction of current flow opposite to the direction of electron flow? Due to Benjamin Franklin’s reference the current is supposed to flow due to positive charges 2. Is the resistance of a current ammeter very high? No 3. Name one active and one passive circuit element?
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Unformatted text preview: Active- Battery Passive- Resistor 4. Does a conductor with a certain cross-section and length have the same resistance as a dielectric with the same geometry? No 5. What is the increase in resistance R of a conductor if the voltage across it is increased by a factor of 10? No change in the resistance value as the resistance depends on material and geometry...
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