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quiz 5 - A B C etc that appear in your yp 2 Using the 4.6...

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Fall 2008 Math 285 Quiz 5: Oct 15 Name: If you cannot complete a problem (perhaps because you forgot a formula) but you think you know how, please describe. Correct methods will receive partial credits. 1. Based on the 4.4 material (undetermined coefficients), what is the FUNCTION FORIVI of a particular solution VP of the second order nonhomogeneous linear ODE V" - 6y' = - cos :r:? Yo'u do not need to find coefficients
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Unformatted text preview: A, B, C etc. that appear in your yp. 2. Using the 4.6 material (variation of parameters). solve the differential equation y"-6V' = e:b. Nate that IYl I d I y; f (x) . 1 d 6'1' an 112 = ----WIt-1 Yl = 1 an Y2 = e- . IYl Y21 .-"--------------"----------Yl Y2 w~ I~ ~::I w -bcb~ • I 111 = The general solution y(:r) =...
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