E2out-1 - Math 330 Exam 2 Outline Exam 2 will take place on...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 330 Exam 2 Outline Exam 2 will take place on Monday March 2. No calculators will be allowed or be needed. Matrix Operations 20 pts This comes from section 2.1 and involves addition, scalar multiplication, matrix multiplication and various scenarios about these topics. (There will be 4 scenarios worth 5 points each). In addition to being able to do computations you should know when certain operations would be defined or undefined and how to find the missing matrices in calculations such as we did in Q2.1. Possible scenarios could include questions such as given this 2 2 matrix A , find a 2 2 matrix B such that AB negationslash = BA and make these calculations. Although we havent said anything about this in class (it is in the homework), be sure to know how to compute the transpose of a matrix. Inverse Matrices 20 points You will be asked to find the inverse of two matrices of different sizes or to show that these matrices are not invertible. Be sure to know the formula for the inverse of a 2 2 matrix as this can save you some time. A big warning here is that you need to be highly organized with your row operations. Dont underestimate the importance of a precise algorithm for doing this! Many students were not so organized (I think they underestimated the difficulty) on Q32 and this lead to errors and large amounts of unnecessary computations. See the homework and quiz solutions for examples. Here are my tips on the process: It is important to work from left to right in establishing pivots. If a column fails to have a pivot then you have easily demonstrated that the matrix is not invertible....
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E2out-1 - Math 330 Exam 2 Outline Exam 2 will take place on...

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