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ME 242 homework format - No pages torn out of spiral...

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Problem number GIVEN List the information given in the problem Sketch The purpose of the diagram is to show the given information graphically. By drawing a diagram, you are forced to focus and think about what is given for a problem. On a diagram you want to show useful information such as dimensions, or represent the interaction of whatever it is that you are investigating with its surroundings. Below or along side of the diagram you may list other information that you cannot easily show on the diagram. FIND 1. 2. In this block you want to itemize what information you are searching fo r 3. SOLUTION Show any diagrams that may complement the solution on the left-hand side Show calculations on the right- hand side List all assumptions and principles. Start each problem on a new page (i.e. one problem per page ) Show completely all steps necessary, in an organized, orderly way, for the solution. Other Rules ¾ Use “engineering” paper (i.e. grid printed on backside) or plain white paper only (i.e. lined-paper)
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Unformatted text preview: No pages torn out of spiral notebooks Use only one side of the paper Double underline or box all answers (dont forget about the units) SOLUTION FIND GIVEN Page number Total number of pages in the assignment Course Due Date Assignment Number Last Name, First Name 1 / 6 Problem 3.16 GIVEN: The vehicle loaded as shown, where: G 1 = 4500 N 2 = 2500 N a = 0.6 m d=0.9m FIND: The reaction forces at the front and rear wheels, N f and N r SOLUTION Free-Body Diagram Assumptions : System is in static equilibrium. For equilibrium, F y =0 and M A =0 =0: N r-G 1 +N f 2 = 0 =G +G-N (0)-G (1.5a)+N (2.5a)-G (2.5a+d) = 0 =[G (1.5a)+G (2.5a+d)]/2.5a N r = G 1 +G 2-[G = (G a-G d)/2.5a Substituting values: N f ={(4500N)(1.5)(0.6m) + (2500N)[(2.5)(0.6m)+0.9m]} / (2.5)(0.6m) N f =6,700N N r = [(4500N)(0.6m)-(2500N)(0.9m)] / (2.5)(0.6m) N r =300N ME241 Oct. 15, 2006 HW#6 Fine, Howard 1 / 2...
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ME 242 homework format - No pages torn out of spiral...

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