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1 1 Learning to walk • What are the developmental origins of walking? • Very generally, two types of views: –Executive control • CPG (maturation of n.s.) • Cognitive (learning and inhibition) –Self-organization (dynamic systems) • Role of biomechanical constraints • This is NOT an issue of innate “versus” learned! 2 • Maturation of CNS as cause –Development as linear, stagelike –Invariable progression through stages –emphasize species-typicality of behavior Executive control 3 • McGraw (1945): –Subcortical nuclei responsible for stepping reFex –Maturation of cortex inhibits subcortical “reFex” output • ±orssberg (1985): –Walking a product of a spinal pattern generator (CPG) -- even a spinally-transected cat will “walk” on a treadmill
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Unformatted text preview: CPG contains basic pattern of walking Executive control 2 4 Zelazo (1984): Cognitive prerequisites of walking Stepping becomes intentional through practice, instrumental learning Walking must wait for maturation of prefrontal cortex that facilitates global cognitive reorganization around 1 year Executive control 5 Thelen (1992) Trained as zoologist, using ethological approach Stepping reFex disappears, but kicking is kinematically identical! What factors (control parameters) are inFuencing the system of leg coordination and movement? Treadmill stepping in very young infants (1 - 4 mo) water bath study -- stepping in three-month-olds (video) 5 Looking closely at walking...
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7.1_intro_to_walking - CPG contains basic pattern of...

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